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Engskov Maskinfabrik A/S is a company that emphasises the importance of good chemistry and respectful communication between employees.
Freedom with responsibility and the individual’s ability to use their know-how individually and in teams to the benefit of our numerous clients.

We have roughly 50 employees in Denmark and 20 in our Polish subsidiary.

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Company Profile:

We’re proud to have a faithful team of new and experienced engineers and technicians who treat tenders, quotations, orders, and production.
They do so with the support of many talented employees who are not only experts in their field but who are also stable, flexible, and focused on delivering quality on time—from the office assistant who administers certificates to the employees on the floor.

Complete solutions

We offer complete solutions thanks to our forge and machine shop. These areas allow us to offer services such as surface treatment, installation, and partial installation.
Engskov Maskinfabrik also offers trade agreements, as we stock client products to ensure a quick turnaround.

Constant Development

Management collaborates closely with a professional board. On an everyday level, the company develops through the dynamic partnership between the management, the board, the employees, and our incredible clients.
We work with client-specific needs such as production technology development and competence development in terms of our employees.

Our long-term strategy and goal-setting cover the next 3 to 5 years.


Engskov Maskinfabrik A/S welds various kinds of metals and alloys, including high-strength steel, stainless steel, aluminium, regular construction steel, and sheets and tubes. All welding is carried out by certified welders with many years of experience. We weld pressurised equipment for PED approval with third-party inspection.

We also carry out high-quality welding with 100% X-ray inspection.

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Machine Shop

On top of this, we have a machine shop with a range of CNC machines, where we machine client parts as well as parts welded on either our Danish premises or the premises of our Polish subsidiary.
We offer CNC turning and pallet milling of parts of all sizes.

Machining Parts Up to 10 Tonnes

Amongst other equipment, Engskov Maskinfabrik has Zealand’s biggest bed mill capable of machining parts weighing up to 10 tonnes.
For smaller parts, we have a pallet mil, where we process parts smaller than LEGO bricks.

Quality Control

We conduct quality control using simple systems from goods receipt to final delivery. We do so using simple colour markings to help us maintain a high level of quality. This renders products and processes visible while honing attention.

Consultation, Development, and Design

We also offer consultation, development, and design to ensure that the product has the desired functionality while taking into consideration rational production and consumption of materials, which keeps the costs of production low. All of this is done to enable us to deliver a quality product on time.
This ensures that our client’s production yields products on time and that the quality lives up to the agreed standard. As a result, our clients do not experience problems in the forms of delays and additional costs.

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Production Resources in Ringsted

We have 4,500 square metres of covered production area in Ringsted. Each square metre is accessible by crane, allowing us to handle up to 10 tonnes. Our workstations are equipped with swivel cranes, most of which can handle 500 kg. Engskov Maskinfabrik is in possession of equipment to cut, bend, and roll materials, and we have machinery for processing small and big parts in various models.

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