Engskov Maskinfabrik A/S

Manufacturing supplier for more than 50 years.We are a forge and machine factory focused on delivering quality on time across the board.

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We’re with you every step of the way, from concept and sketch to finished part and product

Committed and uniquely motivated employees. We hold each other to a high standard and pride ourselves on precision and exactness.

Engskov Maskinfabrik A/S

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Forging is our specialities. We build big and small constructions of all kinds and for all purposes. We have experience and are happy to advise.

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Massive parts are no problem—our bed mills can handle up to 10 tonnes. CNC turning and pallet milling of small parts.

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We help with deve-lopment, construction, and technical queries. Everything from windmills and hydraulic equipment to concrete mixers etc.

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We work with an EQC quality control system to assure quality and reduce consumption, and guarantee the traceability of our components.

About Engskov Maskinfabrik A/S

Engskov Maskinfabrik was established in 1960 with the mission statement of contributing to the construction and building of big, complex parts for the industrial sector.

We’re with you every step of the way, from concept and sketch to finished part and product

70 employees with specialised knowledge and impressive experience in the following areas:

  • Metal constructions with all materials
  • Consultation regarding machining and metal constructions
  • Chip removal and processing of parts up to 10 m in length on our bed mill
  • Stainless steel forging
  • Aluminium

Engskov Maskinfabrik is headquartered in Ringsted, Denmark, with a subsidiary named J&J SteelSp.Zo.o in Olsztyn, Poland.

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Manufacturing supplier

  • We are subcontractors for the manufacturing of de-icing machines for the aviation industry.
  • We process black and stainless steel parts for the food industry and CHP plants.
  • We have approval to work with construction steel in accordance with EN 1090 and ISO 3834.
  • We have mapped our carbon footprint through the KLIMAKLAR project.

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