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4,500 square metres of covered production area. Each square metre is accessible by crane, allowing us to handle up to 10 tonnes.
Likewise, all workstations are equipped with swivel cranes.

Kompetencer Engskov Maskinfabrik A/S

We’re with you every step of the way, from concept and sketch to finished part and product

Committed and uniquely motivated employees. We hold each other to a high standard and pride ourselves on precision and exactness.

Smedearbejde Engskov kompetencer

One of Engskov Maskinfabrik’s ultimate strengths.
We build big and small constructions of all kinds and for all purposes.
Including parts with extreme requirements in terms of quality and parts that are later refined in our machinery.
We have consulting experience in construction, choice of material, welding technology, and optimisation of finishing processes in the machine shop.

Kompetencer Maskinbearbejdning - Engskov Maskinfabrik A/S

Engskov Maskinfabrik is known for its ability to machine huge parts.
The company has access to two big bed mills, a big machine shop with pallet machines, lathes, and more machines.
We can process parts up to 10,000 x 2,300 mm.

Engineering kompetencer

Know-how and experience in connection with the construction and development of various products.
We have participated in the development of hydraulic equipment, particle chambers, windmills, concrete mixers, etc., so we have extensive knowledge of various technical queries.

Engskov kvalitet - Kerne kompetencer

Engskov manufactures everything in accordance with the requirements of our internal quality control system, EQC, which is ISO 9001-compliant.
We make ongoing efforts to improve and visualise quality and to reduce consumption and environmental impact.
Over the years, we have worked with procedures to ensure the traceability of our components, and we have clients to whom documentation and certificate handling matter just as much as the product itself.

Manufacturing supplier

We are a supplier for manufacturers, machine builders, prototype developers, service companies, and the “green”, construction, food, aviation, and maritime industries
Through our clients, we have products all over the world—products that are a source of pride!

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