Forging is one of Engskov Maskinfabrik’s ultimate strengths.

We weld stainless steel, aluminium, high-strength steel, and steel using TIG, MIG, and MAG technologies and with solid or tubular wire.

This work is carried out by certified welders.

Smedearbejde firmaprofil


We build big and small constructions of all kinds and for all purposes, including parts with extreme requirements in terms of quality and parts that are later refined in our machinery.

We have consulting experience in construction, choice of material, welding technology, and optimisation of finishing processes in the machine shop.


Mecof 1000 CNC10300 mm1000 mm2300 mm
Mecof 103 CNC4300 mm1000 mm1700 mm
Toshiba 110R16 CNC med paletteskifter2000 mm1500 mm1500 mm
Hurco VMX42T CNC1060 mm  700 mm  600 mm
Okuma CNC med paletteskifter  560 mm  610 mm  625 mm
Union horisontal NC1600 mm1160 mm1460 mm
Union horisontal NC1600 mm1160 mm1460 mm
Hwacheon CNCØ900 x 2000 med roterende værktøjer
Manuel PotisjeØ900/Ø600 x 5000, u/bro 1250 x 420mm
Manuel EstØ700 x 2500mm
Manuel SN 500SØ200 x 1500mm
Manuel Tos TrencinØ200 x 1500mm

Part sizes
We weld parts of various sizes and weights, ranging from a few kg to 10 tonnes, customisable constructions of practically unlimited size, and pressurised equipment.
Engskov has access to a big department for stainless work, not to mention years of experience constructing stainless parts, including kettles made of stainless steel.

Forging with quality control
Engskov Maskinfabrik is focused on producing the exact quality the client requires.

Quality control is carried out based on the client’s specifications using Engskov EQC or certified external third-party inspection companies that use VT, NDT, X-Ray, Magnaflux, Magnetoflex, penetrant examination, endoscopy, and others.

We collaborate with the external inspection companies designated by the client or carry out quality control using Engskov EQC. The internal quality control ensures that we deliver on our promise of Quality on time.

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