Machining of the big parts

We can machine parts weighing up to 15 tonnes with high precision requirements on Zealand’s biggest bed mill.

Engskov maskinbearbejdning


Engskov Maskinfabrik is known for its ability to machine huge parts. We have access to two big bed mills, a big machine shop with pallet machines, lathes, and more machines. This allows us to process parts measuring up to 10,000 x 2,300 mm.


Our speciality in the milling department is machining big parts with high precision requirements. We have machined everything from ship engines to particle accelerators. Our new Toshiba machining centre with pallet machines enables us to machine with even higher precision.

The machinery list includes:
• Bed Mill CNC: X=10,300 Y=2,300 Z=1,000 Weight 15 tonnes
• Bed Mill NC: X=4,300 Y=1,700 Z=1,000 Weight 10 tonnes
• Vertical CNC: X=1,060 Y=700 Z=600
• Drilling Rig NC: X=1,600 Y=1,160 Z=1.460 (2 units)
• Pallet Machine: X=2,000 Y=1,500 Z=4,500 max. part weight 6.3 tonnes
• Pallet Machine: X=500 Y=450 Z=300


Our lathing department is a natural part of our ability to rise to meet special tasks, including maintenance tasks for heavy industry. We have lathed various parts, such as sheet metal rollers, hydraulic cylinders, piston rods, bearing components, bearing housings, axles of various dimensions, estimates, bushings, etc.

The machinery list includes:
• CNC: Ø500 mm x 2,000 mm with rotating tools / full C-axis rotation
• CNC: Ø700 mm x 2,000 mm with rotating tools / full C-axis rotation
• CNC: Ø900 mm x 350 mm with rotating tools / full C-axis rotation
• Long turning: Max. turning diameter Ø900 mm/Ø600 mm x 5,000 mm
• Without bridge Ø1.250 mm x 420 mm


Honing is a process that ensures a specified precise surface for parts with movable components, e.g., engine parts, machine parts, or weapons. We deliver honing based on the client’s specifications and have honed a range of precision parts. Parts for honing can measure up to 1,600 x 1,200 mm and weigh up to 3.5 tonnes.


Engskov delivers slot milling of big and small parts based on the client’s wishes and needs.


The employees at our machine shop are certified to carry out their tasks and have years of experience with uniform and demanding machining.


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